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Primary Objective

The primary objective of the ministry is to meet the needs of the veteran woman and children in our communities with love and humility by providing essential items, resources, and personal and professional development opportunities. 


We strive to give hope and help to veteran women who are currently in situations beyond their control, and their children. The women we serve may require assistance in meeting their daily basic needs; or they may be removed from their homes, relocated to extended-stay hotels, or placed in temporary housing or community shelters. 


We focus on providing basic needs for the veteran women and children we serve in our communities. Our organization prepares care packages or basic hygiene packages for these families. Items may include, but not limited to bleach, cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, laundry detergent, dish and bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products. 


The school-age children receive backpacks for school filled with paper, binders, pens, pencils, and other necessities for a successful start of the school year. We plan an annual “Blessed Angel” event, where we will deliver gifts for their children during the holidays.

We offer numerous courses that address current issues to empower our women and children with knowledge, resources, and information. BRTM facilitates classes in the areas of Personal Development, Finance, Emotional Wellness, Business Development, Leadership, Spiritual Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition, Home Buying, Public Health, Family Life Skills, and Children and Youth topics

President and Founder

Kahla D. LaPlante, MHA

Kahla D. LaPlante is the President, and Founder of Blessed R Thee Ministry. She is passionate about empowering others and meeting the needs of veteran women and their children.

She is a Servant Leader, a motivational speaker, a teacher, and an author on a mission! She is an encourager, who is transparent about her life’s challenges. She empowers other women through life her personal experiences, her small wins, and successes. 

Academically, Kahla is a Doctoral Candidate (Health Services, Walden University) with a continuous love for learning which led her to an Associate Faculty position at Ashford University for two years.

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