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Breaking a Bad Habit

At one time or another we have all had bad habits prior to God helping us break them or maybe we are still trusting God to help us break them. Really, habits are one of the things that make us who we are. We become what we do every day.

Bad habits can be anything. For instance, a bad habit can be consistently eating late at night, which is not good for your health, while exercising a few times a week can be a good habit that improves your health. Consistency in a bad habit or good habit has consequences or rewards. What we do in bits, accumulates.

People have become the best version of themselves because of their habits. In the same vein others have destroyed their lives because of their bad habits. Habits are formed every day, so what path can be taken to break a bad habit?

1. First acknowledge the bad habit and be willing to change it.

2. Understand why you want to change the habit and the benefit of breaking it.

3. What triggers the bad habit?

4. Deal with the triggers and why they started – that’s the root.

5. Find an accountability partner if you can – that is the bridge.

6. Ask God to help you as you try your best – that is the sustainability.

Psalm 121:2 – My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

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