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BRTM Staff


Diane Roberts

Director, Finance
A.S. Data Processing; B.S. Business Administration
Micro Masters, Data Analytics

Diane is an expert in Agile Methodologies. She is certified in Executive Leadership, Scaled Agile, Agile Alliance, Salesforce and Product, and Project Management.


Meguan McCoy

Administrative Coordinator
B.S. Computer Science, Information Sytems

Meguan has 20+ years of professional experience as a Programmer Analyst in the Benefits Consulting industry.  She is passionate about serving in ministry. Meguan serves along side her husband in the Ushers Ministry. She is a mother of two, she love people and family. Meguan is a dedicated worker and a faithful Servant of the Lord.


To Be Filled 


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Minister, Andrea M. Berry
Director, Program Development
Masters, Public Health
Sabbatical Leave - July 2024

Andrea M. Berry is a Health Engagement Specialist with Altus ACE in Houston, TX. She works with an interdisciplinary care team in attempts to increase engagement and involvement and she was recently accepted into nursing school. Andrea volunteers as a GirlTrek group leader and works with the Health and Wellness Ministry at her church.


Kally E. Jones
Volunteer, Telecommunications Technician
Senior Analyst, SAP Security

Kally is the Senior SAP Security Analyst for Edgewell Corporation a subsidiary of Energizer, with 20+ years of experience. She is  experienced in System Development, Change and Transport Management, System Automation, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Programming, Leadership, International and Domestic supervision of employees, and other IT roles. Kally is an Emeritus First Lady, with the gift of servitude, particularly for young children, the elderly, and the disabled.

We can't Do ~ What We Do ~ Without You!


Kahla D. LaPlante 

President and Founder
Doctoral Candidate, Health Services

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