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She Served Program

The "She Served Program" is a specialized initiative dedicated to supporting and honoring the service of female veterans by offering them a crucial resource: temporary hotel stays for up to 7 days. This program recognizes the unique challenges faced by women who have served in the military and aims to provide them with a safe space during transitional periods or times of need. 


The program operates through partnerships with various Hotels, Inns, and Extended Stay Facilities. Through a streamlined application process, eligible veterans can access this service, allowing them to utilize the provided accommodations for a duration of up to a week. The program seeks to alleviate immediate housing concerns and offer a steppingstone towards more permanent solutions.


Blessed Giving

"Blessed Giving" is a thoughtful program designed to offer support to female veterans through essential care packages. These packages consist of:


Hygiene Kits


These kits contain personal care items such as toiletries, sanitary products, and grooming essentials, ensuring that veteran women have access to necessary hygiene products for their well-being.


First Aid Supplies


Equipped with basic supplies, these packages cater to immediate health needs, offering items like bandages, pain relievers, and other first aid essentials.


Dry Food Goods


Nutritious and non-perishable food items form a part of these care packages, providing veterans with sustenance during challenging times. These goods are selected to ensure a balanced and practical assortment.


Household Care Packages


These packages contain everyday household essentials, such as cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and basic items that contribute to maintaining a comfortable living environment.


Blessed Angels

"Blessed Angels" is a heartwarming program dedicated to ensuring the children of female veteran’s experience joy and a sense of celebration during the holiday season. We provide age-appropriate gifts to the children of veteran women. The primary aim of Blessed Angels is to create moments of happiness and excitement during what might otherwise be a challenging time for their families. 


Hope Restored

The "Hope Restored" program is dedicated to empowering and uplifting female veterans by providing opportunities for holistic growth and development across personal, professional, and spiritual dimensions. This initiative is designed to offer a range of conferences, workshops, and educational sessions aimed at enhancing various aspects of their lives.


The program offers:

  • Conference Series and Workshops

  • Expert-Led Sessions

  • Personal Development Tracks

  • Professional Empowerment Modules

  • Networking and Community Building


The program stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and transformation, in hopes of restoring optimism in the lives of the women who have served their country.

Thank you for your service! Connect with Us Today!

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