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What about Easter?

St. Bede the Venerable, a 6th century author maintains that the English word "Easter" comes from Eostre, or Eostrae, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. Nonetheless, Easter is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection from death, as written in the Holy Bible.

In western Christianity, including Roman Catholicism and Protestant denominations, the period prior to Easter, also holds special significance. In the Christian calendar, Easter follows Lent, the period of 40 days (not counting Sundays), and it is the joyous end of fasting and penance.

Easter is preceded by Holy Week, which includes Maundy Thursday, the commemoration of Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples; Good Friday, the day of his Crucifixion; and Holy Saturday, the transition between Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Christians across the world will stop and reflect that Jesus did it all for me! How will you celebrate or acknowledge this Holy season?


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